Drawing Through Movement

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design
Bachelor Thesis Project, 2017

        We use our bodies as tools to measure our surroundings. Architecture, in turn, stimulates our senses and sets a stage for movement. My intention was to slightly disrupt the linear movement in a corridor as a result of spending the last semester of my Bachelor’s degree thinking of myself as a choreographer. This structure is what was shown at the end of year exhibition. How much power do architects really have when it comes to the built environment and bodies?
        The structure fills a diagonal gap between the wall that reaches all the way up to the skylights, and the opposite wall which does not. It also creates a diagonal passage to extend the experience of being surrounded by its interior and consists of six pine frames covered in a matte, semi-transparent fabric. To create the two diagonals, most of the pine components are cut at a 75 degree angle. A tricky tangle of angles.
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